when I write
a poem about her
she is tacit but
her child, Blackbird
chants a response
from nearby budding oak
tweets staccato song that
flies on cool breeze
ascends mossy hills
weaves through children-filled park
ripples on spine of creek

What is Blacks message
meaning of her lyrics
I need new Rosetta stone
desire someone to unlock
melodious code, give me the key

Relentless cheeky Blackbird
continues her aria
yodels a phrase repeats exactly
limitless variations abound
sonorities, sensuous

Feel Springs warm touch
I consider notion of beautiful
when all around me
woods flush with wildflowers
a ribbon of sunflowers
walk along gravel road
more trills afresh unwind
Blacks afternoon curtain call

I statue for a long moment
allured by her legatos
frenzied glissandos
pings as from a glockenspiel
sit up to my knees in honeysuckle
eyes close chin lifts to resonance
I drift with seductive vernacular
no longer need a key