Spent too many cold nights
with moon–man, constellation buddies
Am ready to befriend blazing sun
Capable now, I hold his boiling stare
As I walk a winter afternoon
Ground touched by frost

Pondered night sky
far too long
miss the warmth of his arms
warming tide on my back
Liquid breath drenching my hatted head

Too many tangled conversations
with Orion and his belt
Want to climb a mountain full of sun
first the foothills
then sit inside his golden rays
Like on dad’s lap

Sleep has abandoned me
forgotten the lullaby
a soft drift melody
singing me deep
when I was a child
when I was first formed

Overstayed my welcome
with restless nocturnes
feasts of talks
urging me, nudging me
to stay awake
be vigilant

I pull the curtains
close my eyes
chant a prayer over and over
Feel soft breathing in and out
trust that in a few short hours
a crack of light will knife through
then bright sun will crash in
trust I will open my sleep-filled eyes
licked by his passionate embrace