When I awake
From a long winter’s nap
It’s hard to reach the surface

What time is it
What day is it
They both are elusive

My cats are snuggling
Purring contentedly
I’m warm and still
Part dreaming

The lure of sleep
Is calling to me
Although I’ve slept
Long already

And so I float
Betwixt and between
Asleep and really awake

Hovering longer
In the place where life
Is peaceful
And uncomplicated

The thoughts drift in
But through the lens
Of sleep and so are muted
Like a radio playing
In someone’s car as you
Pass them along the way

Or the sight of something
Off in the distance
That you can’t quite
Make out what it is

And gradually
I lift from sleep
The heaviness falling away
And I emerge
With a calmness
That I need
To face what lies