Born into a labyrinth of cosmic mind
I see a bluebird fly and cut adrift
amongst green pastures only to find
exquisite glory in a veiled mortal gift

A bluebird dives deep into a brier patch –

Still caught

as like-ice cold unforgiving wind
blowing across a frozen pond
without restraint and many a bend

I fall deep into a brier patch –

Still caught

amongst the unfortunate thorns
dwelling between ripe blackberries
much too bitter sweet to eat

Still I stand in a bright field –

Still caught

fading away further day by day
mostly a bluebird fades away
into a hawthorn tree by flight
against an inconsolable night

Brett Emmanuel was born in New Orleans and he lives with his wife in the crescent city. He is a distinguished fellow of the Nancy Marsiglia Institute for Justice at Loyola University School of Law. His writings have appeared in the journal of International Regulation of Finance & Investment and many others.