(April: Anna Burstein, traveler)

This was the jonquil time
she thought to take the road
and these were her

that cinched the wicker case
she hauled aboard the two-day train
which dropped her off in Leipzig
towards piano dreams

and bound the yew-framed chests
she shipped (Third Reich to Palestine)
and buckled trunks for other lands.

She lived armored by motion,
charming as sirens and as pitiless;
fierce in that flowing onward
dark braids helmeting her head.

MICHAEL H. LEVIN is a lawyer, solar energy developer and writer based in Washington DC. His work has appeared on stage, in three chapbooks and numerous periodicals plus anthologies, and has received poetry and feature journalism awards. www.michaellevinpoetry.com ; www.twopianosplayingforlife.org