Just beyond the sloping hill I see the brown brick home. The large yard reminds me of summer nights playing baseball, catching fireflies, and riding bikes. Falling leaves clutter the ground, the colors of fire, apricots and tangerines, a touch of honey, a dash of pale green. Strolling along Sunset Avenue, I breathe in the crisp autumn air, the distant scent of finished bonfires, smoke and ash come to swallow the fresh air. I listen to the cows mooing from their home in a pen down the hill—their calls breaking my silence, my composed mood, my thoughts of childhood memories. The trees above sway in the cool wind – the trees I spent many days as a child climbing, racing to the imaginary finish line, though never quite reaching that point. The sky beyond those trees paints colors for me – teal, gold, ginger, and pink. Clouds part for the colors, sharing the vast space. My home is a figure in the sunset’s painting, and I—the moving part in the artist’s craft.

Kasy is a junior creative writing student with a minor in literature. She is  the current Production Manager of, Polaris Literary Magazine. She is published in Polaris, and has a forthcoming poem to be published in the SucarnocheeReview.