The capture of the morning is yours when you look. It settles my uncertainty. It tells me who I am. It makes the fog genuflect to open a pathway inside.  
Morning dances, with a melody still forming. The dreams of last night compete to bring the newer smile to the table, the aroma of happiness, the taste of sunrise and eye openings. The exhale of the sleep and the inhale of horizons.
I cannot move from this chair, my eyes closed waiting for you to come sit on my lap and kiss me as my hands touch your wonderful back. We must, we will, walk in the rain and then have a nice hot shower, put on robes, sip tea and touch toes. It rained very hard yesterday but it was one of those rains filled with amazing positive energy. Nature’s water drains sent it all to me and I drank it zestfully.
Now the morning is here. Once again it is more pretty than ever. Once again, where are you as the birds tell us it is time.
Why have you captured my heart? There is no need to answer. I do not care why. I am glad it happened.
I wait for that elevator door to open. Then it is that moment when I see you, finally for the first time. Your heartbeat I can then hear, your mind I can beam, and then you too are real. Once our eyes lock.
You have found the passport to me. I told the coyote last night she may be ready.  He offered his clear eyes and gave me his wisdom. He may look more scruffy than the fox in the yard, yet he knows how the rain is his ally.