Murder in the trees,
Many involved,
No body,
No victims.
meeting of the minds,
brainy birds,


 in their roost.
                                                 Young in well-built nests,
                                                 Adult children, in extended families,
                                                 helping parents with younger siblings.

                                                 Time to fly,

Crows sweep from the trees,
At first glance, all black.
Moving in the light from the early morning sun,
flashes of emerald greens,


iridescent blues and purples.

                                                 On the grassy yards and gray sidewalks,
                                                 Strutting around searching for food.
                                                 Others on watch,
                                                 lookouts in the trees,
                                                 also sentries on foot watching for danger.

Food found,
squirrel pancake on the street,
dragging it off the pavement,
taking turns, family style.