I love the textures of nature:
a carpet of moss on a tree stump,
the rough feel of rock lichen;
the soft finish of a rose petal.

Every tree bark is unique,
from the smooth surface of beech
to the thick bark of black locust
with its deeply etched grooves.

Even the trails are textured
with sections cobbled with stone,
others spongy with wet leaves,
and still other of compacted dirt.

When I walk on the forest paths,
my sense of touch is heightened
and I even see textures with my eyes:
the scales on spruce cones above,

the huge black canker on a tree bole,
prickly holly leaves and cat briars,
the ragged bark of wild cherry, and
the crystalline surface of boulders.

Every surface has a special feel.
a geometry with lands and grooves
like a compact disc, its laser coded
surface playing one’s favorite music.