Long ago, this land was
cleared for farming, trees
hewn for homes with
rock walls along the
boundaries of each field.

Now, the farms are gone
and the trees have returned,
straight and tall, rising like
columns in a temple: beech,
cherry, and tulip poplar.

And the rock walls have
fallen into ruin, but still exist,
their courses still defining
old boundaries, the edges
of fields and previous farms.

These rocks and boulders
were pulled from the fields,
while preparing the soil
for planting, and remind us
of the toil of early settlers.

Many trails through this
woods now follow along
the old walls among the
new trees, reseeded in the
past hundred years or more.

These trails cross a myriad
of small brooks, simple
board bridges facilitating
passage, and I envision early
cattle coming here to drink.