“Beware, the jaws that bite, the claws that catch
Beware the Jub-Jub Bird and
Shun the frumious Bandersnatch” (Lewis Carroll)

I believe I saw one once – a Bandersnatch.
Frumious describes their mood – Bandersnatches.
They rarely socialize, and are not seen in groups of any kind.
Their frumious nature is not conducive
To social harmony with each other
Or any others.

As I said, I believe I was privy to a sighting.

While hiking alone in a wooded area,
I felt a distinct presence of ‘the other’ – otherness.
Scanning the undergrowth, I beheld
A pair of yellowish eyes framed within the thick foliage,
Staring in frumious fashion.

My reaction was one of cowardly intent.

I crouched preparing to flee, but remembered
That this action would be an invite to a predator.
So I remained in the crouched position – staring back.

The large form of a four-legged animal materialized
In connection with those predatorial eyes.

Terrified, I maintained my position as I beheld
This dark form turn and
Exit our shared space, crashing through
Thick woodland shrubbery – ‘till out of sight,
Moving further and further into the thickets
Till barely audible in the frumious distance of the forest.

Was this real? Or was it a manifestation
Of an inherited awareness,
A required reckoning that alerts us
To the reality of our existence and our ability to survive
Amidst the travails that threaten our presence?

As I said, I believe I was privy to a sighting – real or not.