This plant that flows from
And reaches to
The sun
Is a curious preoccupation
Of yours.

What is it about this
Botanical aberration
That holds such a magnetic
Attraction for you?

When I ask you,
You say,
“I don’t know.”

I ask myself
Is it the sun itself?
Or the flower?

Maybe it is an inherited trait that
Connects appreciation of this imposing blossom
To worship of the sun,
As you lie on your beach towel
Absorbing solar rays.

Or is it your love of the garden and
Its myriad colors and aromas that link you with it,
Draw you to it?

Besides its beauty,
The sunflower is definitely unique in its bright presence,
Its resilience, its stature, its texture,
And its graceful movement in the breeze –
All of which make you
Truly unique as well.

I think
I get it now.