Only hides naked
Just before sunrise.
Snake-like movements and

Skin shed like candy wrappers,

Too stretched to stay around.
Twenty-four hours, night
Intimidated by mornings,
Clings to unknown planets.

Night hides out from
Elusive daytime and
Slowly tests its appearance-until-
Its black coat blankets earth

At dawn spends nine to ten hours
Somewhere non-essential,
Perhaps in a vacant warehouse
Beyond the Milky Way.


Now on a second chapbook manuscript, Underrated Angst, Lee Landau first, Knotted, was forthcoming in February of 2023. Writing Poetry is a life-long passion. She writes with raw honesty, one consequence of a dark childhood, loss, and grief finally with a way back and acceptance of her experiences. Imagery and preciseness of language define her work.