Which is better, 2 or 3, 3 or 4? she’s switching lenses
in the Steam Punk apparatus on my face which is better?
a cloud of unknowing obscures the eye chart’s type

Round steel-rimmed lenses like the retro glasses on a comic book
anarchist – F E L O P Z D so small but perhaps the anarchist
might read this line before he threw his bomb

The doctor talks to me about myopia, about the mysteries
of light and life, this little woman hardly taller than a child
but with a seer’s knowledge of the future

I always knew that I’d have Asian kids, she tells me,
speaking of her two adopted children from Korea, ever
since I was thirteen I knew she says, switching lenses

Which is better, 4 or 5, 5 or 6? Which is better, to see
or not to see, to know or not to know, to throw the bomb
or not to throw it? My eyes begin to water

And once I woke up knowing that the plane would crash
so I refused to board she tells me even though I’ve never
been afraid of flying and yes it went down over Pittsburgh

Which is better, the anarchist’s bomb or the plane crash?
F E L O P Z D still defeats me and my eyes still water
which is better, to know what’s coming or to wait and see?