God Forgive me, I left wife and son in Lviv.
She wept and said I was no soldier. True,
but what of freedom? What of our land? NATO
gave me this fine Czech rifle. I will use it.

Let the invaders creep from their ranks of rockets,
couch like rabbits behind their clanking tanks. They know
I will be up here at a window, waiting.
We are so quick to learn, Brother Russians.

See how we squeeze off each round with love.
You fall, bleeding out, far from your Great Mother.
You came, grasping for glory, clumsy brutes with
frozen hearts too stupid to know you have
been dupped by your little monster Putin.
He never told you the rubble we now defend
will rise again, more beautiful than ever.

Slavic betrayer, once my cousin, my rifle
is hungry. Let me to fit you for a body bag.

Come, Comrade, lean out from that lamp post.
This shiny cartridge I drive deep between
your Fascist eyes. It is just. It is just.
Yes, my small payment for our dead babies.