I cannot accept what you say:
That you can’t understand poetry,
Don’t know how to find its hidden message,
Haven’t been taught how to read the frightful stuff,

You who are moved to see in October
A vee of wild geese steadily traverse the sky
And listen with joy to their informative honking
Steadily from on high come down to us.

At a Mexican restaurant you are amused
When your friend finds a small green caterpillar
In the salad: it undulates in omegas. You note
What happens to the creature, because

You have feelings, and thoughts too, about
Unpleasantness: Life isn’t all daffodils and saffron sunsets;
You are aware that sometimes very strong winds
Challenge pedestrians walking up a hill.

Is this not true,
Or something similar?
Then dive on in,
The water’s fairly fine!