Inside your head
waves roar like
in a shell: cochlea.

An island’s formed there
and I long to rescue you
from that place

nestled between
sound and thoughts,
I worry you’re drowning

and what about if you
no longer hear my voice?
Then we’ll speak eye to eye

and you will always
understand the
rhythm of my heart

later when it’s time
to cede that site
we’ll create a language

all our own—
our love
with our whole voices

will grow in unspeakable tenderness.

TAK Erzinger is an award-winning poet. Her collection “At the Foot of the Mountain” (Floricanto Press California, 2021) won the University of Indianapolis Etching Press, Whirling Prize 2021 for best nature poetry book. It was also a finalist at the The International Book Awards 2022, Willow Run Book Awards and Eyelands Book Awards.