Violent current, inviolable Sea,
Gallant sailors, at Mother’s knee.
For truth, the Sea is unwilling to compromise,
Launching an attack on their lives.

Black and blue, on and on they fight,
Voyaging into the dark of night.
Through the ferocious waves, together they stand,
Clinging to hope they will soon find illusive land.

The sea was once their friend they knew,
But now it is but rocked with unrelenting sorrow.
With pollution, ignorance, and rising seas,
The ocean no longer flows at ease.

Weary from a lack of sleep,
Sailors huddle like a flock of vulnerable sheep.
Some wrangle with ropes, gritting teeth,
Others shake and quiver beneath.

Until soon the storm begins to wane,
Tranquil seas replacing the wind and rain.
The sailors know it is but a single battle won,
For the war of storms is not yet done.