If it is the truth you seek,
Then you would know the future is bleak.
The rising tides, their ebb and flow,
Into their depths, we all must go.

Deep beneath the ocean’s waves,
Lie what will be aquatic graves.
We took her life, and she’ll take ours,
It is but one of her many powers.

Too long we bickered on the land,
While her waters rose beyond the sand.
Too long we have waited to rewind,
The wrongs we did, we were so blind.

The lush green earth will be consumed,
Never again to be exhumed.
The waves will roll, the earth will turn,
But we will be gone, drowned in her urn.

Redemption is what they say it will be
When we are engulfed by the growing sea.
But something that they do not know,
Is this but a minor blow?

One day we may emerge again
To find a world free from disdain.
But until that promised day rolls around,
We must make peace with our fate bound.

Zixuan Zheng, 11th Grader of Huafu International, Guangzhou, GD of China. Her pieces have been featured in magazines, newspapers and on websites since the 7th Grade. Three-time junior golf champion in California. Making friends from all around the world by playing golf and writing powerful words are her greatest passions.