Oh, you would be thrilled, Amalia, to know
What happened at the Finnish festival!

A ramrod Colonel of Horse proffered gilt
Miniatures of Field Marshal Mannerheim.

Swaying, the consul’s wife
Danced a foxtrot to Sibelius.

Our Blue Cross flag unscrolled like an atlas
Over a red double-decker bus.

And I was Aallotar of the Kalevala again,
Nymph of all skerries and swains!

Mike Reis is a writer and environmental historian who has had poems published in Gargoyle, Lucille, Urthkin, The Archer, Laughing Bear, North of Oxford, The Galway Review, Grand Little Things, Crossways, The Broadkill Review, the Amelia poetry postcard series, and Cabin Fever, the anthology of the Joaquin Miller Cabin Poetry Series.