I did not stop for anything
When I decided to hike to you

I did not stop to change my clothes
For when you sleep in leggings and a tee
No one can tell the difference

I only stopped to tie my boots
And tuck my raincoat in my pack
Grab the keys and head on out

I did not stop on my way to you
When the empty light came on in my car
I’ll do it later, I told myself

I did not stop to tarry long
Along the way to you
Only for a picture here and there
Of a dewdrop, or a wildflower
Or a heart-shaped rock I’d never seen before

I did not stop when the sky turned gray
And the wind picked up
And the birds called incessantly to each other

As I rounded the bend and saw your surface
Glistening with tiny waves rippling,
I knew I was nearly home

I did not stop on the muddy embankment
As the path wended its way down to you
Or when my leggings were drenched
With water from yesterday’s downpour
Still clinging to the knee-high weeds

Only when I reached your shore
Did I pause to write
This love letter to you