Purchased in Ashland, Oregon,
this jeweled anklet, sapphire crystals
and navy stars, pinches.
It was an arid road trip except
for the cypress blue river at the border.

The Yurok live in this region,
depend on Pacific Lamprey Eel,
70% protein that existed pre-dinosaur.
Green rows of breathing holes
instead of gills;
they are spirit animals.

In the past, eel numbers were greatly
reduced by dams.
Now four are scheduled for dismantle,
more miles for oxygen intake.

A family of wild turkeys, away from their dun
colored habitat along the American River,
peck seeds in our front yard,
eight chicks now reduced to four,
almost as big as their mother
             who has moved on.

Why did she herd her flock
into the suburbs?
Will coyote and bobcat follow?

Eels, haste!
Breathe, pick up speed—multiply!