Our ride takes us by her white clapboards and blue shutters.
Red oaks and yellow maples frame the property.
A swing set sits in the side yard.
It was the fun house to visit,
but now it is encircled by a withering garden.

On our return, I see her peek out the window.
Her scarf, speckled with reds and purples,
is camouflaged by a kaleidoscope of fall leaves.
While he continues his tour in the Middle East,
their four girls play in the yard,
and a For Sale sign beckons.

Holly Dunlea retired in June 2016 after teaching mostly English for 22 years. Her poem, “I Know What I Saw” was published in Literary Hatchet. During a sabbatical, Holly wrote a textbook that teaches American history through poetry; though not yet published, lessons from the text were often used in her classroom.